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Retired Professionals

NSEA-Retired allows retired members to not only have a voice in their own communities but to also participate in state forums and decision-making bodies that affect their health, welfare, and public education.

Your state membership provides you with the opportunity to:

  • Elect retired representatives to attend NSEA Delegate Assembly.
  • Be involved in leadership roles and trainings.
  • Be involved in developing legislative and political action goals for active retired education employees.
  • Receive state and the Retired Round-Up newsletter.
  • Receive staff assistance and support.
  • Participate in the NSEA-Retired Annual Meeting.
  • Continue the Attorney Referral Service that provides for discounted fees.  

Local Organizations

Clark Retired Education Association, Rural Retired Education Association, and Washoe Retired Education Association. The Local Affiliates have organized to help potential, retired, and pre-retired subscriber members to:
  • Find solutions to retirement issues,
  • Preserve, protect, and improve retirement pension and health benefits, including state pensions, Social Security, and Medicare,
  • Receive informative newsletters with vital retirement issues and opportunities,
  • Receive NSEA staff, workshops and sponsorship benefit services,
  • Continue involvement in local educational issues,
  • Be elected and represent retired members at the local level, and
  • To share social and professional contacts with all members of the education family.

National Organization 

As a NEA-Retired member, you have the continuing membership privileges of the NEA family.

As a NEA-Retired member, you have the representative power of the NEA family. We elect and represent retired members in leadership roles at NEA Representative Assembly and the NEA-Retired Annual Meetings and conferences.

As a member of NEA-Retired, you are eligible to continue to take advantage of NEA's membership services and benefits. You can recoup the equivalent of your memberships dues if you choose to benefit from these services:

  • Liability Insurance for retired Lifetime Retired members that choose to substitute after retiring.
  • Enroll in NEA's Special Services programs available to NEA-R members. These include health, long-term health care, life, home, auto, and AD&D insurances, financial services, and discount sponsorship services.
  • NEA Medicare Supplement Program
  • NEA DUES-Tab for retired leadership.
  • Share experiences & expertise . . .

Please visit the links below for more information on your membership, retirement, and more: 

Retired or Thinking About Retirement?

Whether you’re already retired or just thinking about retirement down the road, there are many advantages to being an NEA-Retired member.

We work with NSEA members to:

  • Protect and improve retirement pension and health benefits—including state pensions, Social Security, and Medicare.
  • Improve public education through mentoring, literacy, and intergenerational programs and activities.
  • Achieve legislative and political action goals for education and education employees.

Other benefits of belonging to NEA-Retired include:

  • Continued involvement with your State Association and NEA to enjoy new and different activities with former colleagues and new friends.
  • Volunteer opportunities in community-based programs.
  • Participation in national and regional conferences and seminars.
  • A variety of member benefits, such as:
    • insurance programs
    • credit programs
    • loan and mortgage programs
    • deposit savings accounts
    • investment programs

NSEA R Retired Contacts

NSEA-R President
Tom Wellman
(702) 638-1015

NSEA-R Vice President
Steve Horner

NSEA-R Secretary/Treasurer
Fran Edison

CREA President
Brian Morgan

WREA President                             
Susan Kaiser

UCN-R President
Valerie Friskey

NSEA Board Member                           
Harry Beall

NSEA-Retired Round Up Newsletter

The NSEA-Retired sends out a monthly newsletter called the Round-Up with all kinds of helpful and interesting information. Click below to read the most recent edition. We've also included past editions as well.

Round Up March 2021

Round Up December 2020

Clark Retired Education Association Newsletter

March 2021 CREA Newsletter

February 2021 CREA Newsletter

January 2021 CREA Newsletter

Washoe Retired Education Association Newsletter


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