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Bargaining & Educator Voice

Collective bargaining and advocacy ensures that we enhance student learning and improve educator working conditions–benefiting our students, schools, and Nevada as a whole.
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Collective bargaining and advocacy enable all stakeholders to work together so that students, educators, and the community benefits. It also gives NSEA members a genuine voice in their workplace, helping to ensure educator rights, fair compensation and benefits, retirement security, and enhanced, safe conditions for student learning.


Students, and student-centered issues, are at the heart of our bargaining, organizing, and engagement efforts. This type of advocacy is about taking charge and implementing educator-led solutions that work for our students and their schools. It involves leveraging collective power in new ways to raise the voice and vision of educators and build stronger partnerships with parents, students, and other community stakeholders that share common values. As a result of student-centered advocacy, NSEA affiliates have won contract language around issues such as:

  • salary increases
  • smaller class size
  • less testing
  • safer working conditions


Collective bargaining is a process through which the employee union and employer representatives exchange ideas, mutually solve problems, and reach a written agreement. It involves:

  1. Preparing for bargaining
  2. Conducting negotiations
  3. Ratifying a contract
  4. Resolving a contract dispute
  5. Changing or clarifying the contract.

Please see our complete toolkit on collective bargaining to learn how to use the power of our collective voices to improve conditions for students and educators.

Every Action Advocacy

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Legislative Visits

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Testimony & Public Comment

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Ensuring a High Quality Public Education For Every Student

NSEA has been the voice of educators for over 120 years. We represent teachers, education support professionals, and other licensed professionals throughout the state of Nevada.