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Teacher Professional Growth

Professional learning throughout an educator’s career is essential to achieving great public schools. Find out about crucial features and strategies to support professional learning.

Professional Development Resources

Get 100% online approved PD courses with Renew a Teaching License by Professional Learning Board!

Renew a Teaching License by is an approved provider of 100% online PD for teachers in Nevada. Teachers choose self-study renewal credit classes or self-paced semester graduate credit courses.

Online self-study PD renewal credit courses help teachers complete continuing education requirements. Educators complete the online PD classes any time over 5 years and receive a Certificate of Completion.

Online semester graduate credit courses are from a regionally accredited university and teachers receive an official transcript.

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Grand Canyon University


At Grand Canyon University, we offer a wide variety of education programs at every level. We utilize hands-on learning experiences and a rigorous curriculum to prepare our 20,500+* ground students and 81,000+* online students to become global citizens, critical thinkers and effective leaders.

We also believe that all students should be able to complete their education on their own terms, which is why we offer fast-track options and generous scholarship opportunities.

  • We offer a 25%  off tuition scholarship for online bachelor degree programs when you begin in November 2020
  • We offer 15% off tuition scholarships for online master’s degree programs when you begin in November 2020
  • Students will receive 2 weeks off for the Holiday break
  • Staff will need to contact Marcia Mathews, (602) 247-4908

Grand Canyon University Online Cohort and Scholarship Opportunity

Grand Canyon 2021

We are offering these scholarships for our 175+ online programs** such as:

Leadership and Management
Criminal Justice
Political and Social Sciences
Information Technology and Cybersecurity
Language and Communications
Health Care Administration
Informatics and Health Sciences
Psychology and Counseling
Doctoral (different scholarships)

Online Programs (Full List)

Grand Canyon University’s K-12 Educational Development team continues to be committed to assisting our educational community during this challenging time of school closures. The Core and Content Knowledge Praxis Exams are required to become a teacher in most states and GCU is now offering complimentary online sessions to help you better prepare for these exams.

GCU Online Scholarships 

  • 25% tuition scholarship for all Bachelors degrees
  • 18% tuition scholarship for all education-related Masters degrees
    • 15% tuition scholarship for all other Masters degrees & graduate certificates
    • Ask me about our ARL programs – get your credential & Masters degree at the same time!
  • $2000 tuition scholarship for GCU alumni on all Doctoral degrees
    • Potential for other scholarships depending on program of choice
  • For further information, contact local counselor Marcia Mathews at (602) 247-4908, text (702) 343-1488, or email

GCU Praxis Workshops

GCU Nevada Summer Administration/Leadership Cohort


Lead4Change is a leadership curriculum with a Community Service Framework that works in a virtual, classroom or club setting.



  • Provides access to leadership lessons and service project plan
  • Is privately funded and FREE to educators
  • Complete a service project and enter the Lead4Change Challenge for a chance to win up to $10,000
  • Aligned with educational standards including SEL, Literacy and 21st Century Skills
  • Perfect for grades 6-12

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Get 100% online PD to renew your teaching license TODAY! 

  • All courses are approved by the Department of Education
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Flexible Schools:

Are you looking to gain confidence in a remote or hybrid classroom? Learn new skills with 100% online Flexible Schools programs for teachers, substitutes, and paraprofessionals! Click here to learn more.

  • Teachers earn CEUs from a regionally accredited university
  • Substitutes gain more marketability with a Certificate of Completion
  • Paraprofessionals get certified for any pandemic scenario

Gain confidence in a remote or hybrid classroom
Learn new skills with 100% online Flexible Schools programs for teachers!

  • Become a remote and hybrid teaching pro
  • Earn CEUs from a regionally accredited university
  • Choose from TWO self-paced programs: (click here or here)



In 2011, Nevada's legislators passed AB222 , which created the Teachers and Leaders Council (TLC) and required the State Board of Education (SBE) to establish a statewide performance evaluation system for teachers and building level administrators based upon recommendations from the TLC. It also mandated that the evaluation system rate educators as highly effective, effective, minimally effective, or  ineffective, and that student achievement data from statewide assessments will be used to determine educator effectiveness ratings. This system is now known as the Nevada Educator Performance Framework (NEPF).

During the 2017 legislative session, the passage of AB320 impacted NRS 391 regarding the evaluation of teachers and school administrators. Those revisions include changes to the student performance measures/Student Learning Goals specifically removing statewide performance measures. In alignment with this change, the Department worked with districts, the TLC, and other subject matter experts to provide a list of assessments to schools and districts to measure progress towards SLGs.  The State Board of Education and the Department were given additional tasks concerning annual review and monitoring of NEPF data and implementation efforts statewide.

During the 2019 legislative session, the passage of SB475 revised Chapter 391 of the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS). These changes include, but are not limited to, the evaluation of other licensed educational personnel, the reduction of the Student Outcomes Domain weight from 40 to 15 percent, and revisions regarding the impact of the rating of Developing for probationary and post-probationary employees. Additionally, the Department will collaborate with various educational stakeholders to develop an electronic tool for evaluations and will contract a study of the impact and validity of the statewide performance evaluation system.

Nevada Educator Performance Framework Goals:

  • Foster student learning and growth
  • Improve educators' instructional practices
  • Inform human capital decisions based on a professional growth system
  • Engage stakeholders in the continuous improvement and monitoring of a professional growth system 

Main Purposes of the Evaluation Performance Framework:

The overall purpose of Nevada’s Educator Performance Framework is to identify effective instruction and leadership, and to establish criteria to determine:

  • whether educators are helping students meet achievement targets and performance expectations (supports goals 1 & 4);
  • whether educators are effectively engaging families (supports goals 1 & 2);
  • whether educators are collaborating effectively (supports goals 1, 2, & 3);
  • the professional development needs of educators (supports goals 1, 2, 3 & 4);
  • information on which to base human capital decisions including rewards and consequences (supports goal 3); and
  • whether educators are using data to inform decision making (supports goals 1, 2 & 4). 

Nevada NEXT

New to teaching?  Have you been teaching ten years or less?  Then it's time you got connected to Nevada Next (New Educators eXcel Together) and connect with a network of support as you take on those challenging first years of teaching.

"Early Career Educator groups are a vital part of keeping teachers in the profession. We are seeking support networks so we can soar instead of sink."  Laura Kern, TX

Be a voice to help shape your profession and lead in your district. 

"My state and local NEA leaders have inspired me to continue being an advocate for children and my profession by empowering me to be a leader." Denise Corrales, NM

Throughout school districts, the community, and in our classrooms we are a growing voice for the future of public schools with a mission to have all teachers receive the support they need to excel in their profession and for every student to receive a high-quality education.  Connect with other educators who are passionate about teaching, racial, and social justice and we can build that future together.

Join with young professional educators across the country and in your state to attend regional and national young professional events, trainings, and conferences.

Early Career Learning Labs

The ECLL are a blended learning environment meant to support early career educators (ECEs) around instructional and classroom problems of practice. Click here to learn more...



Ensuring a High Quality Public Education For Every Student

NSEA has been the voice of educators for over 120 years. We represent teachers, education support professionals, and other licensed professionals throughout the state of Nevada.