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Red for Revenue Tool Kit

As we approach our Red For Revenue event on the 26th of April, here are some helpful graphics and messaging for social media!
Published: 02/02/2021 Last Updated: 04/19/2021

Ahead of the Event

On April 26 at 5pm, we are #RedForRevenue! Let's put AJR1** on the ballot so the people can pass it! Join us in Carson City next week #RedForEdNV #ListenToEducators #TaxTheMines

Join educators, parents, students, & allies as we 'Line the Street at 6 Feet' in support of public education April 26, 2021 at 5pm. #RedForEdNV #ListenToEducators   

Put AJR1** on the ballot, and let the people pass it! Join us in Carson City for our #RedForRevenue Rally on 4/26 at 5P! #TaxTheMines

Day of Messaging:

Legislators have a chance to support a meaningful increase to the mining tax this session with AJR1**. If passed, it would raise nearly a half-billion dollars for critical services like public education. Be brave. Be bold. #RedForRevenue

Let Nevadans Vote!! Put AJR1** on the ballot. Let the people pass it! #RedForRevenue #TaxTheMines

Together, AJR1** & SB346 make a strong revenue package to move Nevada on the correct course to address our chronic revenue shortfalls. The Legislature has the opportunity to take a big and bold step in addressing our funding challenge. #RedForRevenue

Invest In Nevada: Now is the time to take bold steps to meet our state’s needs. We need our leaders to have the courage to stand up and demand new and progressive revenue to move Nevada up from the bottom of the education funding lists #RedForRevenue

The new funding plan is broken. #Fix543 by grandfathering Zoom and Victory Schools, lifting the freeze on school districts, providing adequate funding, and removing anti-union language. #RedforRevenue

As you dig into the details of the Governor’s budget proposal, we ask you to dig deep to address our budget challenges. Nevada’s public schools and other vital services deserve new state revenue, not just continued austerity #RedForRevenue #ListenToEducators

Any new funding plan that does not include new funding is destined to fail. Now, more than a year and a half later, this is even more true. Be Brave. Be Bold. New Revenue’s the way to go. #RedForRevenue #ListenToEducators

Nevada ranks near the bottom of the nation in per-pupil funding, and near the top of the nation in class size. Per pupil funding has not kept pace with inflation over the past decade. It's time for our legislature to support sustainable & adequate education funding. #RedForRevenue

Ideas for Protest Signs

  • Stop Defunding Education
  • Fund Healthy Schools
  • Cuts Create Crisis
  • Educators Are Essential, Not Expendable
  • Education Is Essential
  • Listen to Educators
  • Be Brave, Be Bold
  • Be Brave, Be Bold, New Revenue’s the Way to Go!
  • Nevada’s Report Card: F
  • Do No Harm
  • Share the Sacrifice
  • Stop Balancing the Budget on the Back of our Children!
  • Straight Outta Funding
  • Where’s The Funding?
  • Pass AJR1
  • Class Size Matters
  • Invest in our Children
  • Our Students are Worth It
  • Don’t Fail Our Students
  • Nevada’s Students Deserve Better


Rally Chants


(to the rhythm of “Hey Hey Ho Ho”)

Be Brave, Be bold
New Revenue’s the Way to Go!


Kids need teachers.
Kids need books.
Schools need the money
Carson TOOK!


(Call and response)

Who pays taxes?

Response: The working class!

Rich folks profit

Response: Kids come last!



That is why we HAVE TO FIGHT!


NV Leg, says they’re BROKE.
Charity for millionaires is a JOKE.


(Call and response)

Whose schools?

Response: OUR SCHOOLS!

Whose schools?

Response: OUR SCHOOLS!


Tax breaks for billionaires HURT US ALL.
Fund our neighborhood schools THIS FALL.


We pay taxes,
Mining Corps.
ought to PAY.


(Call and response)

Public education is under attack. What do we do?
Response: Stand UP, Fight BACK!!


(Call and response)

What do we want?

Response: New Revenue!

When do we want it?

Response: NOW!


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