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Legislative Positions

NSEA Public Comment: NDE Program Budgets (2620, 2618, 2709)

NSEA's March 9, 2021 public comments at the Senate Finance and Assembly Ways and Means Subcommittee on K-12
Public Comment
Published: March 9, 2021

Budget Item 2620

(Instruction In Financial Literacy)

Regarding Budget 2620 on instruction in Financial Literacy, NSEA is concerned as this program budget is transferred to the State Education Account, the most important line of accountability between districts and the state is blurred. While the requirement for financial education remains in statute, the impetus for districts to deliver on this legislative priority is watered down. We see this as one of the many unintended consequences of SB543.

NSEA supports restoring funding in Budget 2618 for professional development. To ensure a high-quality public education, it is necessary to provide our educators, both licensed employees and education support professionals, with appropriate professional development opportunities to gain and improve the knowledge and skills important to their positions and job performance. This has become even more important with COVID-19 and the switch to distance education last school year and a renewed emphasis on social and emotional learning. Over the last several years, NSEA has advocated for expanded peer assistance and review across the state and has developed our professional development programming, including micro-credentialing, support for teachers getting their National Board Certification, as well as expanding training for Education Support Professionals across the state.

Budget Item 2673

(Office of the Superintendent)

Budget 2673 includes support for the Commission on School Funding. NSEA remains concerned this important Commission excludes the voice of active educators.

Budget Item 2709

(Office of Early Learning and Development)

On Budget 2709, NSEA supports the maintenance of the number of Pre-K seats but would like to point out there is still significant unmet need across the state. We agree with Chair Carlton that Pre-K programs provided by school districts is preferable to private providers. Another unintended consequence of SB543 is the loss of Pre-K funding with the transfer of Zoom and Victory dollars to the State Education Account. While we appreciate the consideration of GEER dollars to offset this loss to Pre-K, it is important to remember these are one-time dollars and will have to eventually be backfilled by other funding sources in the future. Another possibility for this committee to consider is to maintain existing Zoom and Victory schools and funding, as they represent Nevada’s most successful programs of equity.

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