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NSEA Calls on Commission on School Funding to Fix Senate Bill 543

With its first scheduled meeting after the bill's passage, NSEA is calling on the Commission on School Funding to use its powers to address the numerous flaws and issues with the bill and help fix 543.
Published: September 27, 2019


The Nevada State Education Association represents teachers and education support professionals across the state. NSEA strongly believes the Nevada Plan needs to be updated to reflect the changing needs of Nevada. NSEA has consistently advocated greater equity in education, ensuring all school districts have the resources necessary to provide a high-quality education for every Nevada student. We agree our school funding system should be transparent and based on the needs of our student and communities. We also believe it is only fair for all education stakeholders to be included in any serious effort to improve our state’s public schools. NSEA will be engaging the new Commission on School Funding, as well as the 81st Session of the Nevada Legislature, to make sure the failings of SB543 and Nevada’s education funding are fixed.

NSEA opposed SB543 at the legislature due to serious policy concerns, including no new revenue for schools, a rural “freeze and squeeze”, watering down of Zoom and Victory Schools, a multi-million- dollar charter school giveaway, anti-union end fund balance provisions, exclusion of educator voice on the Commission on School Funding, and a fundamentally flawed legislative process.

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