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Legislative Positions

Memo: NSEA Supports Senate Bill 420

NSEA supports SB420 creating the Nevada Public Option, a new high-quality, lower-cost healthcare plan for Nevadans.
SB420 Support
Published: May 4, 2021

Like public education and other vital services, Nevada ranks near the bottom of states in investment in healthcare. In addition to underinvestment, health disparities continue to run deep in our healthcare system. Nevada’s low-income communities face fewer options and higher prices, and there is a significant health disparity in Nevada’s communities of color.

In Nevada’s rural communities, there are even fewer health insurance options and higher prices. Outside of Clark and Washoe there is typically just one plan on the health exchange, or none at all. This has left rural Nevadans not only with less choice, but they are also paying significantly more. In order to access basic healthcare in rural areas, many Nevadans have to travel hours. In some emergency situations, air transportation is required at a very high cost.

Due to WEP/GPO, many retired Nevada teachers may not qualify for Medicare and rely on private insurance plans. Many insurance carriers have been known to push older people into sub-standard insurance programs, with a high deductible and high co-pay programs. 

This new healthcare option will ensure that Nevadans always have equal access to affordable, quality coverage -- especially if they lose their job and insurance or do not have Medicare eligibility. Moreover, it will cut health care costs for everyone in the state by driving competition into the market and forcing insurance companies to compete with the new option for Nevadans’ business.

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