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Legislative Positions

Memo: NSEA Supports Assembly Bill 48

NSEA supports Assembly Bill 48 to expand Public Employee Benefits health coverage to certain non-state retirees.
Published: February 26, 2021

Educators across the state are increasingly concerned with accessing quality, affordable healthcare. This is true for active educators but even more so for retired education employees. NSEA believes healthcare is a right, and the state has a responsibility to ensure that those who have served to educate our kids have access to the healthcare they need to live with dignity. While AB48 is only a small part of what needs to be done, it is a step in the right direction.

NSEA-Retired President Tom Wellman also submitted the following testimony in support of Assembly Bill 48: 

Good morning, Chairman Flores and members of the committee my name is Tom Wellman and I am a resident of Assembly/Senate District 1.

I am successfully retired from the Clark County School District and currently serving as President of the NSEA-Retired program. I am here in favor of Assembly Bill 48.

One of the major expenses that our members face in retirement is the continuing escalating cost of health care. Any measure that can be put in place to help curb this runaway train is greatly appreciated.

This bill would directly impact me and allow me and our members that qualify for this program to save precious health care dollars each year and every month by allowing us access to the exchange. I urge you to support this bill and help our senior citizens across this state gain access to affordable health care. However, please keep in mind that Nevada is a WEP/GPO state and many of our retired members that would benefit from this program will not have access because they will not and do not qualify for social security and Medicare.

Please consider as you move forward that active educators and support professionals need to have access to quality affordable health care when they retire. Working together you can help us solve this problem for employees that handle these life-changing assignments on a daily basis.

Thank you,

Tom Wellman

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