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Legislative Positions

Memo: NSEA Supports Assembly Bill 126

NSEA supports AB126 to move to a Presidential preference primary to the second to last Tuesday in January
Published: April 8, 2021

Educators ask students to use their voice and build their own agency. We believe our politics and electoral system should strive for greater enfranchisement. NSEA takes pride in promoting the democratic process, including engaging our members to participate in elections. Last year, NSEA hosted an early vote location in the Democratic presidential caucus. While we were happy to participate to help make this caucus run smoothly, it is time to move from the outdated caucus system to a presidential preference primary election.

AB126 takes Nevada from a caucus system to a presidential preference primary. The presidential preference primary will be more accessible for voters and will increase participation and engagement in this most important election. Meanwhile, moving the date of this election to the second to last Tuesday in January will amplify the voice of Nevada voters in national politics, increasing the impact of our diverse population.

Public Comment from NSEA Vice President Dawn Etcheverry

Good Afternoon,

My name is Dawn Etcheverry; I am the Vice President of the Nevada State Education Association, speaking in support of AB 126.

When Nevada hosted its first caucus back in 2008, NSEA and the National Education Association invested money and time in Nevada teaching state residents how to participate in the process.  Many hours were spent with trainers traveling the state, helping voters and high school seniors learn the Republican and Democratic cause system process.  As one of the members of that team, I will say we worked tirelessly to make voters comfortable.  Unfortunately, the process is confusing and, for many uncomfortable.

NSEA supports the return to the primary process. Casting your vote is a privilege, and the process should not be hard to understand and accessible to all.

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