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Red For Revenue Pledge

Take the Red for Revenue Pledge!
Published: April 19, 2021

Nevada ranks 48th in per pupil funding according to the National Education Association Ranking of the States 2020 (expenditures per student in average daily attendance.) Nevada trails the national average by $3307 per student.

That is why we are asking you to sign our Red For Revenue Pledge and only vote for those candidates who are committed to increasing K12 education funding to the national average.

Red For Revenue Pledge

AJR1 could generate nearly half a billion dollars in new revenue by increasing the mining tax from 5% of net proceeds to 7.75% of gross proceeds. AJR1 deserves to be on the ballot so Nevadans can vote for it in 2022.

SB346 would impose a tax on the retail sale of certain digital products, correcting a loophole created by the economy increasingly moving to digital format. This bill will modernize Nevada’s tax structure and is a critical path to additional revenue.

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