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Powerline: May 26, 2023

Welcome to another edition of NSEA's Powerline Newsletter! We're in the final stretch (maybe)! The budgets have all been passed and voted on. On the ground, it's unclear if they will be signed by the Governor. There's still lots of work to do and plenty of time left to add more money for a 20% across-the-board raise for educators.  Check below for this week's update. 
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Published: May 26, 2023


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  • K12 Budget BDR Introduction

    • NSEA's public comments at the Senate Committee on Finance regarding the introduction of the K12 Budget BDR.



  • Assembly Bill 517 (Support)

    • NSEA in support of AB517. Transparency and accountability are always important in this field.

  • Assembly Bill 523 (Oppose)

    • NSEA opposes AB523, increasing the cap on the Education Stabilization Account from 15% to 20%. NSEA also opposes the change in the calculation of the rate of inflation, as it will shortchange Nevada students in times of high inflation

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Historic vacancies... Low Wages... Overcrowded Classrooms...

If that's not a rainy day for Nevada's kids, what is? 

As you know, NSEA held two Time For 20 events last week. Hundreds of educators state wide coming out to say "It's Time For 20!" NSEA has released the digital ad below to continue supporting Time For 20. Please share with your friends and colleagues! 

The work is not yet done! We have a little more than a week left in Session and nearly $3 Billion proposed to be locked up in rainy day reserves.

We have a brand new email campaign below; please send the Legislature an email and demand these funds be used to fund Time For 20 instead!


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Time for 20: Clean 20



While NSEA appreciates the intent of Senate Bill 231 to deliver raises to Nevada educators, we have serious concerns about the bill as introduced. Here are our concerns: 

  1. SB231 leaves behind a majority of Nevada school districts.
  2. An unintended consequence of SB231 could be even larger class sizes.
  3. SB231 literally leaves out thousands of educators who make our schools run. (there will be an amendment on this item, but it has not yet been adopted)
  4. School district concern over the one-time nature of funds in SB231.
  5. SB231 is another example of a flawed legislative process.
  6. SB231 falls short of a stated goal of 10% raises as well as the 20% gold standard set in Time for 20.  

NSEA has offered alternate language to deliver raises to *every* Nevada educator. We're asking you to email the Senate, Assembly, and Governor and share your concerns. 

Click Here to Send a Letter

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