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Powerline: May 12, 2023

Welcome to another edition of NSEA's Powerline Newsletter! There was a lot of activity this week as we approach the end of Session, especially with the K12 Budget hearings. Check below for this week's update.
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Published: 05/12/2023


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Budget panel OKs major education spending increase, Lombardo initiatives still in limbo

  • (The Nevada Independent) - Mentions NSEA's comments regarding the Legislature putting more money into reserve accounts than into public education. 

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Assembly Bill 175 (Oppose)

  • NSEA opposes AB175 allowing for appointed school board members towards count for quorum and language allowing appointed members to serve as officers. NSEA's amendment to ensure that an appointed member was a current classroom educator has not been adopted as well.
  • YouTube Comments
  • Teacher Appreciation Week Public Comments

Assembly Bill 172 (Support)

  • NSEA supports AB172 so public sector unions can fulfill their duty of fair representation to every employee in their bargaining unit.


K12 Budget (May 9, 2023)

Senate Bill 148 (Support)

  • NSEA supports SB148 as amended to prohibit outsourcing, ensure staffing ratios for custodial and campus security employees, and ensure clarity and fairness during selection of employees in the Clark County School District.

Senate Bill 340 (Support)

  • NSEA supports SB340 related to summer school.


Budget Hearing (May 10, 2023)

  • NSEA's comments regarding the rainy day in Nevada schools and how irresponsible it is to continue to underfund education, while over-inflating reserves.

Senate Bill 131 (Support)

  • NSEA supports SB131 to strengthen protections for providers of reproductive healthcare and patients who need it without fear of prosecution by another state.

Assembly Bill 65 (Support)

  • NSEA seeks an amendment to AB65 in Sections 10 and 11 related to the year immediately following the school year in which a post-probationary teacher receives a second consecutive evaluation designating their performance as highly effective.


K12 Budget Hearing (May 11, 2023 - No Memo)

Senate Bill 344 (Support - No Memo)

  • NSEA spoke in support of SB344 as it's good government (e.g. leave for parental engagement; ensuring members of the public can provide comment; requiring superintendents to know the history/issues of the district; & ensuring local governments work on  issues they are charged with

Senate Bill 251 (Support)

  • NSEA supports SB251 to ensure clarity and fairness in the employee surplus process in the Clark County School District.


Senate Bill 282 (Support)

  • NSEA supports SB282, as introduced, due to language in Sect. 1 of the bill clarifying selection of staff shall be done in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement. However, NSEA believes language contained in SB251 (on this same topic) is far stronger.

Senate Bill 291 (Support)

  • NSEA spoke in support of SB291 to remove the 4 week requirement for student teachers to be employed as long term substitutes. Yesterday, we also spoke in support of AB323 to contemplate payment for student teachers; perhaps these ideas could be harmonized.

Senate Bill 425 (Amend)

  • NSEA seeks amendments to the composition of the Commission to include a broader representation of school employees and to simplify the teacher appointment process.

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Historic vacancies... Low Wages... Overcrowded Classrooms...

If that's not a rainy day for Nevada's kids, what is? 

On May 17, 2023, NSEA will be hosting a Time For 20 rally in Carson City, Nevada. The rally will take place out front of the Nevada Legislative Building at 4:30pm. 

NSEA Rally Poster6

NSEA has a tool kit with messaging and graphics for you all to share on social media. You can find that here.

We also have a Facebook Event Page below where you can RSVP and share with your friends, colleagues, and community members. RSVP Here.

On May 18, 2023 at 4pm, there will also be a Time For 20 event before the Clark County School District Board of Trustees Meeting in Las Vegas. More details will be forthcoming, but if you're down south, mark your calendars! You can RSVP here

NEASN Event 5.18

Take Action Powerline
Time for 20: Clean 20


While NSEA appreciates the intent of Senate Bill 231 to deliver raises to Nevada educators, we have serious concerns about the bill as introduced. Here are our concerns: 

  1. SB231 leaves behind a majority of Nevada school districts.
  2. An unintended consequence of SB231 could be even larger class sizes.
  3. SB231 literally leaves out thousands of educators who make our schools run. (there will be an amendment on this item, but it has not yet been adopted)
  4. School district concern over the one-time nature of funds in SB231.
  5. SB231 is another example of a flawed legislative process.
  6. SB231 falls short of a stated goal of 10% raises as well as the 20% gold standard set in Time for 20.  

NSEA has offered alternate language to deliver raises to *every* Nevada educator. We're asking you to email the Senate, Assembly, and Governor and share your concerns. 

Click Here to Send a Letter


It's time to stand up for educator safety! We need your help!

This Wednesday, May 17, 2023 at 1:00pm, the Senate Committee on Education will be hearing AB285 aimed at fixing many of the issues we have seen with the failed rollout of the restorative justice bill (Assembly Bill 168) from 2019.

Your stories helped create the Respect Educators Act. Whether your story is about violence you’ve experienced, witnessed, or other safety concerns, please feel free to share those stories and your thoughts with the Committee during the support portion of the hearing.

You can call in during the hearing or submit written comment. We don't yet have an agenda with call-in information, but please check this page as we will update it with information about how to call in during public comment. To submit written comments, you can email those to the committee at [email protected]

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Question about this bill? Message Us!

Do you have a question about this particular bill? Send NSEA an email and our Government Relations Chair will get back to you shortly!

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