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Powerline: March 24, 2023

Welcome to another edition of NSEA's Powerline Newsletter! The first deadline (individual bill introductions) was set to occur this week; however, the deadline was pushed back one week. Once again, Thursday brought another restorative justice bill. NSEA's memo seeking amendments is below. Thursday was also NSEA-Retired Day at the Legislature! Check below for the rest of this week's update.
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Published: 03/24/2023


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K12 Budget Hearing (Item 2710)

NSEA's March 24, 2023 Public Comments regarding the COVID-19 School Rescue Funds.

Assembly Bill 330 (NSEA Seeks Amendments)

NSEA appreciates language in AB330 to ensure educator safety. We seek amendments to maintain educator authority to temporarily remove a student from a classroom or other school premises, to ensure a balance between maintaining order and the rights of students, to maintain the role of elected school boards in the review of discipline practices, and to create a Restorative Justice Monitoring Committee.


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On Thursday, NSEA-Retired held its Lobby Day at the Nevada Legislature. They met with many elected officials to discuss health care, Time For 20, and the Respect Educators Act. They were all able to sit on the floor of the Nevada Assembly and were introduced to the body by Assembly Member and NEA-SN Member, Brittney Miller. 

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Support Senate Bill 251

Senate Bill 251 honors the collective bargaining process. It will provide and ensure clarity and fairness in the employee surplus process. With SB251, the consistent application of the surplus process across the district will help resolve any employee confusion with district work practices. Employees should not be denied an available position due to a displacement that was no fault of their own. SB251 fixes that issue. *We're still awaiting an official date for the Bill Hearing

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Senate Bill 231 Falls Short

While NSEA appreciates the intent of Senate Bill 231 to deliver raises to Nevada educators, we have serious concerns about the bill as introduced. Here are our concerns: 

  1. SB231 leaves behind a majority of Nevada school districts.
  2. An unintended consequence of SB231 could be even larger class sizes.
  3. SB231 literally leaves out thousands of educators who make our schools run. 
  4. School district concern over the one-time nature of funds in SB231.
  5. SB231 is another example of a flawed legislative process.
  6. SB231 falls short of a stated goal of 10% raises as well as the 20% gold standard set in Time for 20.  

NSEA is working on alternate language to deliver raises to *every* Nevada educator. We're asking you to email the Senate, Assembly, and Governor and share your concerns. 

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