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Powerline: June 9, 2023

Welcome to the final 2023 edition of NSEA's Powerline Newsletter! The Nevada Legislature adjourned sine die on June 5, 2023. The next day, the Governor declared a Special Session so that the final budget item could be voted on and signed. All Legislative business for the 82nd Legislative Session is complete. NSEA will be sending out a more thorough report/summary of the entire session in the coming weeks, so be sure to check your email as well as the NSEA website for that report.   NSEA would like to say thank you to everyone who testified in person, called in, wrote a letter, submitted written comments, and engaged on issues this Session. Time For 20 was impossible to ignore because of you all and our advocacy in the building was truly unmatched. 
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Published: June 9, 2023


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  • Assembly Bill 128 (Support - No Memo)

    • Makes $1M appropriation for Outdoor Education Grants Program
  • Assembly Bill 319 (Support - No Memo)

    • Makes an appropriation to the State Department of Agriculture for universal free breakfast and lunch for Nevada pupils. ($100M for free school breakfast and lunch)
  • Senate Bill 523 (Oppose)

    • NSEA opposes AB523, increasing the cap on the Education Stabilization Account from 15% to 20%. NSEA also opposes the change in the calculation of the rate of inflation, as it will shortchange Nevada students in times of high inflation


  • Senate Bill 150 (Support - No Memo)

    • Last Session, NSEA supported AB262 and we want to ensure we remedy any implementation issues for our Native American students.
  • Senate Bill 224 (Support)

    • NSEA supports AB224 to extend collective bargaining to higher education employees in Nevada.
  • Senate Bill 231 (Amend)

    • While NSEA appreciates the intent of Senate Bill 231 to deliver raises to Nevada educators, NSEA has submitted an amendment to facilitate a Clean 20 for every Nevada educator. NSEA’s amendment would increase the appropriation to $500 million to meet this moment of crisis in Nevada schools. It's Time For 20.


  • Senate Bill 431 (Oppose)

    • NSEA is in opposition to SB431, particularly to the expansion of the state Rainy Day Fund. Instead, we believe state revenues should be more aggressively appropriated for public services, including K-12 public education.
  • Assembly Bill 400 (Oppose)

    • While heavily amended to remove the voucher language, NSEA still opposes language pertaining to charter school expansion and transportation as well as the retention of 3rd graders who don’t pass a high-stakes reading test.  
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