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EMAIL YOUR School Board Trustees

This page is designed for you to email your school board trustees and voice your concerns. Click your county on the top bar or just scroll down to your county. Then, just fill in the information, personalize your message, and click send!

Carson City School District

Lupe Ramirez (District 1); Laurel Crossman, President (District 2); Matt Clapham (District 3); Richard Varner, Vice President (District 4); Mike Walker (District 5); Molly Walt (District 6); Joe Cacioppo, Vice President (District 7)

Churchill County School District

Mr. Matt Hyde (President); Ms. Tricia Strasdin (Vice President); Mrs. Carmen Schank (Clerk); Mrs. Amber Getto (Acting Clerk); Mrs. Kathryn Whitaker (Member); Mr. Fred Buckmaster (Member); Mr. Gregg Malkovich (Member)

Clark County School District

Evelyn Garcia Morales (President District C); Linda Cavazos, (District G); Brenda Zamora, (District D); ; Lola Brooks (District E); Irene Bustamante Adams (District F); Lisa Guzman (District A); Katie Williams (District B)

Douglas County School District

Tony Magnotta (District 1); Linda Gilkerson, President (District 5); Carey Kangas, Vice President (District 4); Heather Jackson (District 6); Ross Chichester (District 7); Doug Englekirk (District 3); Robbe Lehmann (District 2)

Elko County School District

Teresa Dastrup, President: Ira Wines (Member); Joshua Byers (Member); Jeff Durham (Member); Matt McCarty (Member); Susan Neal (Member)

Esmeralda County School District

Trisha Hafer (President); Carl Brownfield (Vice President); William Kirby (Clerk); J. Paul Melendrez (Member); Trinie Johnson (Member)

Eureka County School District

Mr. Tate Else (Superintendent); Darla Baumann (President); Lynn Conley (Member); 
Mindy Filippini (Member); Lenny Fiorenzi (Member); Robin Hicks (Member); Rhonda Walker (Secretary)

Humboldt County School District

Mr. Abram Swensen (President); Mrs. Sabrina Uhlmann (Vice President); Mrs. Nicole Bengochea (Clerk); Mr. Lonnie Hammargren (Member); Mr. Ron Moser (Member); Mrs. Jenna Owen (Member); Mrs. Lori Woodland (Member)

Lander County School District

Mike Chopp (President); Doug Staton (Clerk); Manuel Villanueva (Member); Linda McMahon (Member)

Lincoln County School District

Peggy Rowe (President); Carol Hansen (President Pro-Tem); Patrick Kelley (Clerk); Wade Poulsen (Member); Ann Smith (Member); Teri Lee (Board Secretary)

Lyon County School District

Bridget Peterson (District VI); Holly Villines, President (District V); Sherry Parsons (District I); Barbara Jones (District IV); Neal McIntyre (District II); Phil Cowee Board Clerk (District III)

Mineral County School District

Keith Neville (President); Tyler Viani (Vice President); Kathryn Castagnola (Clerk); Juanita Diede (Member); Candice Birchum (Member)

Nye County School District

Larry Small (President); Teresa Stoddard (Vice President); Sean Hastings (Member); Mark Hansen (Member); Roger Morones (Member); Mark Owens (Member); Tim Sutton (Member)

Pershing County School District

James Evans (President); Michael Mancebo (Clerk); Cindy Lu Plummer (Member); Sherry Knight (Member); Melissa Shields (Member)

Storey County School District

Tom Thompson (President); Jeff Nevin (Clerk); Casey Conley (Member); Gary Hames (Member); Desiree Sealy (Member)

Washoe County School District

Elizabeth Smith (District D); Alex Woodley, President (District E); Colleen Westlake (District B); Jeffrey Church (District A); Diane Nicolet (District G At Large); Joseph Rodriguez (District C); Adam Mayberry (District F)

White Pine County School District

Angela J McVicars (Chair); Tasheena Cooke (Clerk); Candice Campeau (Vice-Chair); Amy Adams (Member); Shella Nicholes (Member); Terri Borghoff (Member); Krystal Blades (Member)


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