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2022 Leg Priorities Cover

NSEA's 2022-2023 Legislative Priorities

The Nevada State Education Association has been the voice of Nevada educators for over 120 years. NSEA serves as a representative to teachers and other licensed staff and education support professionals (ESPs) across the state.
Published: September 1, 2022

Key Takeaways

  1. Time for 20 means a 20% increase in educator pay and at least $20/Hour for the workers who make our schools run. With some of the largest class sizes in the country, Time For 20 also means reaching an average class size of 20 students.
  2. The Respect Educators Act would elevate the safety, well-being, and autonomy of educators in their work. This includes guaranteeing educators have their professional judgment and discretion respected by school and district administrators and are treated with civility and respect.
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Time For 20


The Respect Educators Act

RetentionClass Size

Educator Retention, Pipeline, and Class Size


School Finance

Public SchoolDrawing

Public Education, The Great Equalizer


More Learning, Less Testing

4/26 Rally

Member Rights


Ensuring a High Quality Public Education For Every Student

NSEA has been the voice of educators for over 120 years. We represent teachers, education support professionals, and other licensed professionals throughout the state of Nevada.