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Press Release

Strong Public Schools Nevada Files Lawsuit Challenging Constitutionality of Stadium Project

(Carson City, NV) - On February 5, 2024, Strong Public Schools Nevada together with prominent education leaders filed a constitutional challenge against Senate Bill 1 (SB1) which provides up to $380M in taxpayer funds to construct a baseball stadium.
SPSNV Press Release
Published: February 5, 2024

Key Takeaways

  1. Senate Bill 1 is riddled with constitutional violations and our goal is to ensure public funds are not used for a misguided stadium project. We believe SB1 violates five (5) sections of the State Constitution and those violations should lead to the bill’s invalidation.
  2. Vicki Kreidel is an elementary reading specialist for grades 1-5, President of NEA of Southern Nevada, and one of the Plaintiffs. “Educators throughout Nevada are frustrated by the lack of focus by politicians on real priorities, like public education. There’s been more planning of a “world-class” stadium than there has been implementing a funding plan to ensure a “world-class” education for our kids. These misguided priorities are why Nevada continually ranks at the bottom of all the good lists."
  3. Chris Giunchigliani is a career education leader, public servant, and one of the Plaintiffs. “Even though public education and other services are woefully underfunded in Nevada, politicians chose to direct precious tax dollars to a billionaire’s stadium project. Hopefully this legal challenge will reset the debate, so state leaders can instead focus on meeting the needs of everyday Nevadans.”

Nevada ranks 48th in per pupil funding with the largest class sizes and highest educator vacancies in the nation. During the last Legislative Session, with important education issues outstanding, the Governor and Legislature shifted their focus to the needs of John Fisher and his lobbyists. For 8 days, Nevada politicians singularly focused on financing a “world-class” stadium for a California billionaire, while ignoring Nevada’s second-class education system. 

Since the misguided proposal to divert public school dollars to for-profit and private schools, Strong Public Schools Nevada has been working to make public education a priority in Nevada. This litigation continues our work to support public education and oppose the diversion of public money for private or corporate use. Strong Public Schools Nevada is in solidarity with our sister committee, Schools Over Stadiums, which is pursuing a referendum to ensure hundreds of millions in public money goes to essential services like public education.

Donate to Schools Over Stadiums

Schools Over Stadiums was formed by Nevada educators in response to a giveaway of hundreds of millions in tax dollars to a California billionaire for a stadium, when Nevada schools rank 48th in per-pupil funding with the largest class sizes in the nation. Schools Over Stadiums is pursuing every possible path to stop the use of public funds to subsidize a billionaire’s stadium. This includes litigation as well as giving Nevadans the opportunity to vote to stop this misguided project.
Strong Public Schools Nevada is a non-profit political action committee affiliated with the Nevada State Education Association for the purposes of supporting public education and opposing the diversion of public money for private or corporate uses.

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