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Time For 20: Invest In Educators

It’s Time for 20 to address the crisis in Nevada public schools. With an unprecedented shortage of educators to teach our kids and make our schools run, Time 20 means a 20% increase in educator pay and at least $20/hour for the workers who make our schools run. With some of the largest class sizes in the country, Time for 20 means reaching an average class size of 20 students in core academic subjects.
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Time For 20 means addressing our education crisis in Nevada by investing in our educators. We cannot expect Massachusetts results while spending Mississippi money. 

  • The Economic Policy Institute reports public school teachers are paid 19.2% less than similar workers in other occupations.

  • According to the National Education Association’s Ranking of the States, Nevada public school teachers make nearly $7500 below the national average (and $27,000 less than teachers in neighboring California).

  • Nevada ranks near the bottom of states in per-pupil funding while having some of the largest class sizes

  • According to the National Education Association’s Ranking of the States, the number of Nevada teachers decreased by 6% from 2011-12 to 2020-21 while their inflation-adjusted pay decreased by over 7%.

  • While the educator shortage is nationwide, it is especially bad in Nevada. The Clark County School District website posted 1808 vacant positions as of 2/11/22, including 1216 certified and 592 classified positions.

  • According to Data Insight Partners, from August through January of this year there have been 67% more licensed staff separations than a typical year over the same time period, including 300 more than last school year.

  • On 2/11/22, the Washoe County School District website posted 494 vacant positions, including 184 certified and 310 classified positions.

  • Meanwhile, a substitute teacher shortage has left countless classrooms without any teachers at all, forcing remaining staff to cover additional classes.

  • Thousands of Education Support Professionals across the state earn significantly below a living wage, with starting salaries as low as $10-$11 per hour.

  • A chronic bus driver shortage at the Clark County School District caused serious delays this school year, stranding students for hours. CCSD has announced new school schedules for the next school year to help ameliorate the crisis.

  • The latest inflation data shows prices are climbing at the fastest pace in 40 years, with CPI now at 7.5%. Home and rent prices have skyrocketed across Nevada, with average rents up over 20% over the last year.

  • While an educator shortage has impacted the whole country, Nevada has been hit especially hard.

  • There are efforts across the country to raise educator pay. In New Mexico, SB1 which unanimously passed the State Senate, would increase pay by an average of 20%.


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