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NSEA/CCEA Talks: CCEA Walks Out After 8 Minutes

CCEA Leaders Show Up to Negotiations, Unprepared, and Disruptive

NSEA posted a statement and letter to the NSEA website (NSEA/CCEA UPDATE and NSEA/CCEA Negotiations) describing the events as they took place, Monday, September 18 between NSEA and CCEA. NSEA came prepared for these important negotiations about our service agreement. However, CCEA was disruptive and refused to submit a proposal. They left eight minutes after the negotiations began.

Is CCEA Trying to Disaffiliate from NSEA and NEA?

CCEA reported at its August 22 Association Rep Council (ARC) meeting that a motion was made by the CCEA Board on August 19 to recommend disaffiliation from NSEA. A record of that motion being made can be found on CCEA's website. A vote was passed to withhold dues from NSEA and the National Education Association (NEA). According to meeting minutes, the CCEA board "affirmed their wish of coming together and addressing issues to meet the needs of both organizations and their members."

However, the actions of CCEA leaders and its executive director John Vellardita during the September 18 meeting with NSEA contradicted those hopes, and instead signaled a move to continue actions which sever ties between NEA/NSEA and its members in CCSD. Can a renewed move for disaffiliation be far behind?

Next Steps

NSEA and NEA are concerned with how these actions will impact members - including a loss of liability insurance and valuable NSEA and NEA benefits. We will have more information for members in the coming days. We encourage CCEA members to attend the next ARC meeting, Tuesday, September 26, 4:30 p.m. at the Teachers Health Trust Building located at McLeod Dr. and Rochelle Ave to demand CCEA's leadership and executive director resume paying dues to NEA and NSEA. Call for CCEA to come to the table with NSEA to work together by signing this online petition demanding a strong and unified teachers union.


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