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Nevada NEXT

New to teaching?  Have you been teaching ten years or less?  Then it's time you got connected to Nevada NEXT (New Educators eXcel Together) and connect with a network of support as you take on those challenging first years teaching.


"Early Career Educator groups are a vital part of keeping teachers in the profession. We are seeking support networks so we can soar instead of sink."  Laura Kern, TX


• Elementary First 5 Days Template 
• Scavenger Hunt hs
• Scavenger Hunt ms 
• Secondary First 5 Days template 
• Seating Chart Blank
• Seating Chart Example
• Syllabus v5
• Teaching Transitions for Elementary Classrooms
• Website Tutorial v2
• Welcome Mixer

Check back at this website for resource updates, sign up for Nevada NEXT and get professional development alerts or check out our facebook page to stay up to date!

Be a voice to help shape your profession and lead in your district. 

"My state and local NEA leaders have inspired me to continue being an advocate for children and my profession by empowering me to be a leader." Denise Corrales, NM

Throughout school districts, the community, and in our classrooms we are a growing voice for the future of public schools with a mission to have all teachers receive the support they need to excel in their profession and for every student to receive a high-quality education.  Connect with other educators who are passionate about teaching, racial and social justice and we can build that future together.

Join with young professional educators across the country and in your state attend regional and national young professional events, trainings, and conferences.

JOIN Nevada NEXT (New Educators eXcel Today)



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