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Free State Issued Computing Devices Available for All Middle School Teachers and Students

Middle school teachers and librarians are encouraged to check with your principals about requesting Nevada Ready 21 technology grant funds. The $20 million in NR21 grants will provide a personal computing device to all middle school students, teachers, librarians, and designated administrators on approved campuses. All Nevada middle schools are eligible to apply for the funds with school district applications due to NDE by February 10th and funding beginning in February-March, 2016. The program will extend to high schools over the next 6 years depending on future funding.
The devices will be compatible with a variety of instructional software applications and Smarter Balanced, MAP, and ELL ACCESS assessment tools in use in Nevada public schools. Students and teachers will have 24 hour access to their own personal device connected wirelessly to the Internet.
NDE is encouraging school districts to develop campus and teacher readiness now according to the specifications in the application form to maximize eligibility for the grants. The evaluation criteria for applicant schools includes readiness to implement a school-wide positive change in instructional methods, school culture, and external connectivity. Comprehensive teacher and administrator professional development is required to qualify for the grant which includes readiness preparations this school year.
The Nevada Ready 21 professional development model creates a cadre of coaches who will support 25-30 teachers on each campus in a face-to-face, online, or blended environment. State-level program staff will develop online modules for coaches, teachers, and principals. Below is a listing of the key roles in the Nevada Ready 21 professional development model:

• All teachers expected to take 15-hour module, either online self-paced, online facilitated, or face-to-face prior to roll-out of student devices
• Percentage of teachers completing the modules may be a factor in choosing schools for roll-out
• Receive devices 3-6 months ahead of students depending on district needs
• During the first year of implementation, each school identifies a cohort of teacher leaders (8 – 10). These teachers are grouped according to content area and receive quarterly PD.
• Digital coaches follow-up and assist teachers during quarterly workshop.
• Teachers in the first cohort will mentor another teacher at the site during the second year.
• Must show a minimum technology proficiency prior to student roll-out.
District Coaches

• Provide professional development and support for 25-30 teachers or administrators that could be face-to face, online, or both depending on geographic distances, and available, local resources
• Complete a state-run training focused on developing coaching skills
• Work with State Leadership Team to develop a cadre of master educators who will provide support to future cohorts of Nevada Ready 21 educators
• Work with a new group of educators each year as schools come into the project September 2014 21 Administrators
• Commit to monthly collaborative sessions focused on program vision and leadership
• Commit to mentoring another administrator during second year of implementation.
• Receive CEUs for their participation
NR21 State Leadership Team

• Manages statewide learning management system (LMS)
• Develops online modules for teachers
• Populates and disseminates LMS content; gathers/posts just-in-time resources and examples
• Trains and/or organizes district training for coaches
• Organizes continuing education units (CEUs) that are provided to teachers and administrators
• Provides online instructional course for students, culminating in meet minimum proficiency standards
• Organizes and fosters collaboration among districts
• Develops tools for assessing teacher/administrator PD progress
Links to the application form and a You Tube video introduction are below:
Vendor and School District Nevada Ready 21 Application forms, click here 
You Tube video representation of Nevada Ready 21 classroom, click here 


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