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PERS Bill Rejected by Committee

Assembly Bill 3 (AB3), a bill designed to weaken the Public Employee Retirement System (PERS)  failed to make it out of an Assembly committee Wednesday, February 25 and that’s great news. Now our sights are on a much more harmful PERS bill: AB190 – more on that in a moment. AB3, authored by Assemblyman Randy Kirner, would have changed the composition of the Public Employee Retirement System (PERS) board by removing the seat of a board member vested in PERS and adding three seats for individuals who solely have experience managing private retirement funds and not vested in PERS. AB3 did not make it out of committee – good news for public employees paying into PERS, retirees, and taxpayers. (Read more about AB3 on KRNV’s website:

File Your Opposition to AB190

AB190, like AB3 is bad for PERS.  By state law, Nevada’s public employee workers can not contribute to Social Security. PERS is a promise to public employees. PERS is the only retirement safety net public employee workers have. AB190 will two-tier PERS. It will disrupt contributions to the system and undermine its security. Other states that have tried the approach AB190 is proposing had to turn to taxpayers to bail out their state retirement plans when they became insolvent. Nevada PERS is one of the best run pension systems in the U.S. It is run by a board that is accountable to public employees who contribute to the system, to the retirees who rely on the system, and to taxpayers. Visit today. It will bring you directly to the Nevada Legislative website where you can file your opposition to AB190. Read the many comments that have already been filed in opposition of this terrible bill. Send a message to legislators you want them to protect PERS and protect the promise to our public employees.

Stay Up-to-Date on All the Bills We’re Watching

It’s easy to get involved to voice opposition to bills like AB3 and AB190. Text @NVLEG15 to 23559 for text message alerts to take action on a bill. Visit the Legislative Action Center at for bill information, the find your legislator tool, and our weekly session publication, Powerline. Check in to Facebook and Twitter and follow the Nevada State Education Associations posts and tweets. We are pleased AB3 was knocked out, but it’s a long way until the end of session in June and we need your help.



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