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Educators Will Continue to Work to Ensure Student Success


Date: Wednesday, November 5, 2014         

Educators Will Continue to Work
to Ensure Student Success
Key to Solving Crisis is Partnerships with Community, Elected Leadership, and Business Community

(Las Vegas/Reno, NV) – With the election results tallied, Nevada’s children face a very uncertain future. Nevadans want a quality public education for their children, but without an increase in education funding we find ourselves right where we started – an inadequate K-12 system that leaves too many students behind.

“Regardless of the results of the election, educators will continue to work to ensure the success of all our students. Student success is still a top priority for NSEA and Nevada’s future,” said Nevada State Education Association (NSEA) President Ruben Murillo, Jr. “The governor, legislators, and the business community must partner with educators and remain engaged to find funding solutions in the upcoming legislative session,” said Murillo, Jr.

The Education Initiative was successful in making education funding an important discussion in the public since the 2013 Legislative Session failed to address funding education adequately.  Like-minded leaders emerged to embrace solutions to ensure all students have the opportunity to reach their full potential. MGM Resorts International CEO Jim Murren stated, “I promise I’m going to try to raise revenue for education.” Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance President and CEO Tom Skancke wrote, “Our state’s leaders will need to take steps to improve Pre/K-12 education and adequately fund our schools.”

NSEA is prepared to work with these leaders to target new revenue towards programs educators know are effective and which demonstrate measured success. The governor appears committed to addressing how Nevada funds state programs including education. NSEA agrees with quotes attributed to the governor that ask, “If not now, when?” House Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick said, “We have to have a system that is fair for everyone.” Experts agree and have indicated for a long time that only a broad-based revenue solution will insulate Nevada from a single industry economy.

The voters want legislators and the governor to be leaders and find solutions to fund education. Elected leaders working with educators and the business community will have the opportunity to do that in the upcoming session.

The education of our students is the most important investment we can make for Nevada’s future. NSEA is prepared to work with leaders who will make quality public education for every student a priority. Our students depend on educators, parents, the community, and business leaders to give them the future they deserve.

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