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NSEA State Endorsed Candidates

NSEA members long ago embraced the fact that politics affect every facet of their professional lives and that’s why the majority of our members vote. NSEA has developed a comprehensive program to help make public education issues an important part of the campaigns of candidates at all levels. Lobbying and endorsing candidates has become a regular part of our participation in the overall process. The process of endorsing candidates is democratic and member-run. Below is the latest round of state endorsed candidates for the 2014 election. As local TIP boards continue to announce endorsements, those names and district will be added to the list. Click here to download and print the list of NSEA Endorsed Candidates.

 Governor No Endorsement
 Lt. Governor No Endorsement
 Attorney General        Ross Miller
 Secretary of State Kate Marshall
 Treasurer No Endorsement
 Comptroller No Endorsement
 NV 1     Dina Titus
 NV 2 No Endorsement
 NV 3 Erin Bilbray
 NV 4  Steven Horsford
 Board of Regents  
 BOR 2  No Endorsement
 BOR 3  No Endorsement
 BOR 5  Sam Lieberman
 BOR 10  No Endorsement
 State Assembly  
 AD 1  Marilyn Kirkpatrick
 AD 2  No Endorsement
 AD 3  Nelson Aranjo
 AD 4  Jeff Hinton
 AD 5  Jerri Strasser
 AD 6  No Endorsement
 AD 7  Dina Neal
 AD 8  Jason Frierson
 AD 9  Steve Yeager
 AD 10  Jake Holder
 AD 11  Olivia Diaz
 AD 12  James Ohrenschall
 AD 13  Christine Kramer
 AD 14  Maggie Carlton
 AD 15  Elliot Anderson
 AD 16  Heidi Swank
 AD 17  Tyrone Thompson
 AD 18  Richard Carrillo
 AD 19  James Zygadio
 AD 20  Ellen Spiegel
 AD 21  Andy Eisen
 AD 22  No Endorsement
 AD 23  No Endorsement
 AD 24  David Bobzien
 AD 25  No Endorsement
 AD 26  No Endorsement
 AD 27  Teresa Benitez-Thompson            
 AD 28  No Endorsement
 AD 29  Leslie Cohen
 AD 30  Michael Sprinkle
 AD 31  Skip Daly
 AD 32  No Endorsement
 AD 33  No Endorsement
 AD 34  Meghan Smith
 AD 35  James Healey
 AD 36  No Endorsement
 AD 37  No Endorsement
 AD 38  No Endorsement
 AD 39  No Endorsement
 AD 40  No Endorsement
 AD 41  Paul Aizley
 AD 42  Irene Bustamante Adams
 State Senate  
 SD 2  Mo Denis
 SD 8  Marilyn Dondero-Loop
 SD 9  Justin Jones
 SD 10  Ruben Kihuen
 SD 12  No Endorsement
 SD 13  No Endorsement
 SD 14  No Endorsement
 SD 16  No Endorsement
 SD 17  No Endorsement
 SD 20  No Endorsement
 SD 21  Mark Manendo
 Clark County School Board  
 District D  Stavan Corbett 
 District F              Carolyn Edwards
 District G  Erin Cranor
 Clark County Commissioner  
 District E          Chris Giunchigliani






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