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Good Idea Grant Winner - Jeff Kirst

WEA member Jeff Kirst (pictured) has been busy putting his Good Idea Grant money to work at Washoe Innovations High School. The high school offers physical ed. twice a day, but class is conducted in the cafeteria as there is no gymnasium. “Physical education can also be taken as an online course, but that is really not what getting exercise and physical activity is all about,” wrote Jeff. Without equipment or a suitable space to conduct physical education, it appeared difficult for students to fulfill the physical ed. state requirement at their school. Also, Jeff observed students spending their 30-minute lunch milling around the parking lot if they didn’t eat in the cafeteria.

Like a lot of good ideas, Jeff’s was born to fulfill a need. Jeff knew there was space outside the school and saw an opportunity to, as he wrote in his grant application, provide, “more diverse outdoor activities for our students during the lunch period.” Now instead of relying on an online course or some weights stacked in the corner of the cafeteria, students will have access to basketball hoops, soccer nets, and basketballs and soccer balls to go with them. “The students are most appreciative of the support and it’s a big hit,” said Jeff. We applaud Jeff and all the Good Idea Grant winners on their good ideas and helping to provide our students with the resources they need to succeed. ••


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