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Education International’s Education for All Survey

Education International has launched an innovative survey, Education for All, to assess teaching and learning conditions in classrooms around the world.

Completion of the “Education for All,” survey is part of Education International’s global campaign, Unite for Quality Education, which focuses on the three pillars of a quality education: quality teachers, quality tools and quality environments. NEA is committed to ensuring that all of our nation’s public schools possess these three pillars, which are also embodied in the Raise Your Hand for Public Education initiative focused on student success.   The data from NEA and our affiliates in the United States will contribute to a global analysis on the profession and be used to influence education deliberations within the United Nations, including UNESCO and UNICEF. 

We encourage you to complete this survey as we continue our efforts to provide quality learning environments in every classroom. Your insights will be of great help in raising attention that public education must be a priority in the United States and beyond.



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