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Get Involved in Caucus Meetings! Propose TEI Resolution

Are you looking to get involved in your community and help steer Nevada's education policy in a better direction?  There is a huge opportunity to add your voice.  Republican and Democratic parties are holding caucuses across the state seeking precinct volunteers.  The parties use this opportunity to identify leaders in the community as well as precinct workers who have direct influence on the their party platform. 

If you ever wanted to get involved in politics or were simply curious how the inner workings of Election Day occur, click here to find your political party and the county you live in. From there you can find the time and location of your caucus. 

Joining the caucus is just the first step in making Nevada's politics work for you.  Participants will have an opportunity to submit resolutions to be considered for their party platform. Below is what the TEI PAC would like submitted:

“RESOLVED, that the 2014 (Insert County and Party Name) Convention endorse and support Nevada Statewide Ballot Question 3, The Education Initiative, at the forthcoming general election because of the unprecedented crisis all Nevadans face in funding public education. Continued impasse between the executive and legislative branches of state government threatens the future of our schools, and with it the prospects and fortunes of our families, friends, and communities. Funding education in Nevada is neither a burden nor a luxury; it is an imperative. This assembled Convention, therefore, expresses its support for The Education Initiative.”



E-mail your Legislators:

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