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Organizing Grants Available for 2013-14

Deadline for Organizing Grants: August 1, 2013

In the economic and political times we face, it is more important than ever to strengthen our locals.  The NSEA Membership Committee wants to remind locals that organizing grants for 2013-2014 are available and the deadline to submit grant applications in August 1, 2013.

NSEA's focus has changed with these grants -- and NSEA has made the financial commitment to support its locals' efforts in recruiting, retaining, representing, and mobilizing.  The writing of the grant application should be part of an exercise for your local in creating your organizing plan.  What is your assessment of your membership situation and what value do you offer to prospective new members?  What is our analysis of what it takes to sustain membership over time? We are seeking projects that reflect a deep engagement by leadership at the local level.  We are especially interested in projects that support the development of worksite leaders who will lead the recruitment and mobilization work. 

Please take note of the new deadline to submit your application.  The deadline has been moved form August 15 to August 1.  This change reflects the committees' determination to carefully study and analyze each application and give it the consideration it deserves before decisions are made about the grants.  The committee will meet towards the end of August to make these decisions.  For information on the application process click on the following links to download the necessary forms: 

NSEA Grant Application Guidelines

NSEA 2013-2014 Grant Application

NSEA 2013-2014 Grant Project Pages

NSEA 2013-2014 Grant Calendar

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