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Sen. Roberson Tells Petition Signers: Your Voice Doesn't Count

Monday, May 6, State Senator Michael Roberson of Henderson introduced his bill that would tax mining and financial institutions and would distribute the funds to a variety of funds and programs. According to legal experts, the bill assumes legislators rejected The Education Initiative – a vote that never happened. NSEA sees the introduction of Senator Roberson’s procedurally flawed tax bill as nothing more than an attempt to circumvent the desires of more than 150,000 voters who signed The Education Initiative. "Senator Roberson is demonstrating his disdain for those Nevadans with his latest stunt. If he is so concerned about instituting a mining tax why doesn't he propose it as a stand-alone bill?" asked NSEA President Lynn Warne.

"To add insult to injury," said NSEA Executive Director Gary Peck, "the Senator shamelessly proposes to bar Nevadans from exercising their right to go to court to challenge his obviously unconstitutional ploy to place an alternative measure on the 2014 ballot that he has admitted is meant mainly to kill The Education Initiative that has itself withstood several legal challenges. Apparently the Senator is not terribly confident that his maneuvering will withstand legal scrutiny," Peck continued, "and he seems willing to resort to any kind of gamesmanship to try to skirt the will of the people who signed the petition and demanded that we finally invest adequately in our public schools and our kids."

Click here to download a flier we hope you will use to begin a conversation about Sen. Roberson and his misguided attempt to undermine Nevada’s first real chance of broadening the tax base and providing dedicated, predictable, revenue to K-12 education.


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