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NSEA Plan for Ethnic-Minority Membership Involvement

The Nevada State Education Association (NSEA) recognizes its responsibility to help advance the involvement of ethnic minorities in the affairs of the Association. NSEA fully supports NEA Bylaw 3-1(g) to achieve ethnic-minority Representative Assembly delegate representation at least equal to the proportion of identified ethnic-minority populations within the state.

The NSEA Board of Directors works with the MAC Committee chair, local leadership and the NSEA staff to publicize and coordinate state and local activities to help attain the goals of full representative involvement. NSEA will work with local affiliates to create and sustain opportunities for involvement and leadership at all levels. Each local affiliate is asked to incorporate the NSEA Plan for Ethnic-Minority Membership Involvement as they engage in their election processes and plan activities for their membership year.

The MAC Committee chair will provide periodic updates to the NSEA Board of Directors to assist with the development of plans and activities that will help ensure compliance with the NEA Bylaw 3-1(g). According to the NEA Bylaw 3-1(g), the failure of a state or local affiliate to comply with the provisions of this Bylaw shall be grounds for censure, suspension, or expulsion pursuant to Bylaw 6-5. Follow this link to download a copy of the NSEA Plan for Ethnic-Minority Membership Involvement.

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