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The Education Initiative Will Appear Before Legislators

Nevada Supreme Court unanimously supports the will of the people

NSEA is very pleased to announce the Nevada Supreme Court has ruled unanimously in favor of NSEA’s appeal and has cleared the way for The Education Initiative to be considered by the state legislature. “The unanimous decision by the justices makes clear the Supreme Court of Nevada has agreed with the will of the people. The message Nevadans are sending to legislators is that it is time to provide dependable, predictable, K-12 revenue for education and that it’s time corporations pay their fair share,” said Lynn Warne, President NSEA.

The ruling today was in support of NSEA’s appeal of a district court ruling against the ballot initiative. The opinion of the court clearly found the initiative’s description of effect, the 200 word summary of the petition was adequate, “straightforward, succinct, and non-argumentative”, rejecting the opposition’s argument and reversing the district court’s ruling.  As the court said, “The initiative’s primary purpose is to clearly fund education.”

The next step is with legislators, as they will have the first 40-days of the session to consider and enact The Education Initiative. “Monday, February 4 is the first day of the legislative session and it’s time for legislators throughout the state to support The Education Initiative and solutions which give our educators the resources they need to improve education and ensure student success,” said Gary Peck, NSEA Executive Director.

NSEA would like to recognize and thank members and member leaders for their hard work and support, the community partners and the We Are Nevada public employee coalition who stood with us in unity on this important issue. We would also like to thank Organized Karma for their outstanding efforts in helping with the collection of signatures and the outstanding work of NSEA’s attorneys in seeing this through to the state’s highest court.

To download a copy of the Supreme Court decision click here.

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