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Voice of Nevada's Voters Should Not Be Suppressed

152,000 Voters Could be Denied Rights Under Current Initiative Process

Nevada voters will have to wait to learn if their voice will be heard in Carson City during the next legislative session. On Wednesday, December 5 the State Supreme Court heard an appeal by the Nevada State Education Association (NSEA) to allow the Education Initiative to go forward. The Justices opted to not rule from the bench, but despite the delay, NSEA vows to continue their fight for dedicated K-12 revenue.

“The opponents of education funding have stooped to good old fashioned voter suppression to deny the will of the people. 152,000 Nevadans signed this initiative and their right to bring legislation that will improve our education system should not be denied,” said Lynn Warne, NSEA President.

In October a lower court found no fault with the constitutionality of the petition, but ruled against the description summary. NSEA is confident it will win the appeal before the State Supreme Court and will be bringing the initiative to legislators in February.

Education in Nevada is woefully underfunded and has suffered hundreds of millions of dollars in cuts over the past six years. The Education Initiative is a legislative ballot initiative to provide a dedicated source of predictable revenue for Nevada’s K-12 public schools. The funds the Education Initiative will raise for K-12 public education are anticipated to be substantial. NSEA is committed to working toward solutions that support education and ensure success for our students.

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