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Education Initiative Update

NSEA to Appeal Court’s Decision and Will Continue to Collect Signatures

Tuesday, October 23, the Education Initiative received an updated ruling from a state judge in Carson City. The ruling against the Education Initiative is just another step in the process of bringing the petition to the Legislature. NSEA expected these legal challenges throughout the initiative petition process, but this latest ruling doesn’t change NSEA’s commitment to bring predictable, dedicated, K-12 revenue to our state.

While NSEA anticipated and planned for legal challenges, we also expected consistency in the court’s rulings. The Description of Effect, the 200-word summary of the petition, was declared as succinct, straightforward, and not misleading in August and has only been changed in non-substantive aspects and in aspects not relevant to today’s ruling. We do not agree with today’s ruling that is at-odds with the court’s prior decision. NSEA will move forward with all options, including appealing to the state supreme court, to ensure the will of the people is heard.

“Through all of the recent economic travails, Nevada voters have understood that our path to prosperity needs to include a renewed commitment to education funding and they are demonstrating that understanding by supporting our referendum,” said Lynn Warne, President of the Nevada State Education Association.

NSEA’s recently finalized report, By the Numbers, shows that an investment in education is an investment in our state’s economic prosperity. Students who graduate contribute more toward state and local taxes, rely less on public services, and enjoy greater personal prosperity.

NSEA will proceed in gathering the signatures needed to qualify this initiative and we look forward to submitting the signatures to the Secretary of State and subsequently to the Legislature.

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