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The Education Initiative Challenged in Court Once Again

Lawyers representing Nevada business groups filed a new law suit challenging the Education Initiative—NSEA and AFL-CIO’s margin’s tax petition designed to raise more than $800 million in new funding for K-12 public schools. The group claims the petition still violates the single subject rule.

“We are not surprised by their latest move,” said NSEA Executive Director Gary Peck. “This is a last ditch, desperate effort to prevent Nevada voters from having the opportunity to sign the initiative and place the issue of education funding before the legislature. It is apparent the members of this group don’t care about improving the economy and more importantly education in Nevada.”

NSEA’s attorneys are looking over the recent challenge. We do, however, know this is a re-hash of arguments already made.

“We are confident the current initiative petition will withstand this latest legal challenge, and we will continue the signature gathering efforts currently underway statewide.”

We will update this website with any further developments.

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