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NSEA Re-files Education Initiative Petition with Secretary of State

NSEA has re-filed the Education Initiative with the Secretary of State’s office after Carson City District Judge James Wilson ruled it violated a state law that requires petitions to be limited to one subject.

“We have removed the provision regarding the publication of taxpayer information,” said NSEA Executive Director Gary Peck. “We will begin circulating the petition shortly and are confident we will gather more than the necessary signatures to qualify it statewide.”

Stay connected to our website for information on how you can sign. We will update you as soon as more information becomes available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Education initiative?

It is an initiative sponsored by the Nevada State Education Association and the Nevada State AFL-CIO to provide approximately $800 million annually in additional funding for Nevada’s K-12 public schools.

How does The Education Initiative raise money for our schools?

The Education Initiative would impose a 2% margin tax on business profits. Businesses that earn $1 million or less will be exempt.

What is a Margin Tax?

It’s a tax on business revenue—a tax on the margin of the amount of money businesses take in after deducting salaries or cost of goods.

Why should Nevada’s businesses pay for our schools?

Education is everyone’s responsibility. Businesses benefit from a qualified, educated workforce, yet they do not pay their fair share. At a critical time in Nevada’s economy, it is imperative big businesses invest in K-12 public education to ensure our economy turns around and improves.

Why should I sign the petition?

Because the Nevada Legislature needs to hear from you—the voter! This statutory amendment will send a strong message to lawmakers that Nevadans are ready for them to invest in our K-12 public schools. Legislators will have the opportunity to enact this measure to begin addressing the funding crisis.

How much money will The Education Initiative raise?

This will raise approximately $800 million for K-12 public education.

What will the money be used for?

Funds raised through The Education Initiative will go directly to the Distributive Schools Account—the education budget—in the state’s general fund. This will allow for additional funding that can be used to reduce class sizes, more tools and technology, early childhood education, a safe and supportive learning environment, and the ability to attract and retain quality educators.

How will the Education Initiative become a reality?

There will be signature gatherers at grocery stores, post office branches, libraries, and other public locations where you, your family, and friends will have the opportunity to sign. Once the required 72,352 signatures are collected and the petition is qualified with the respective county election departments, the measure will appear before the 2013 Nevada Legislature. Legislators will have the option to enact the proposal. This would be the right and responsible thing for them to do since the electorate is sending a strong message by signing—virtually a mandate of the people.

Who supports The Education Initiative?

Teachers and support professionals are highly supported by Nevadans in general. It is in everyone’s best interest for our schools to be adequately funded. We know that businesses support The Education Initiative as well as other labor groups and community stakeholders with a vested interest in an educated workforce.

What can I do?

Sign the petition and get friends and family to sign it too. The more signatures we submit the louder the mandate to Nevada’s legislators and the more impact we will have on them in the upcoming legislative session. Stay involved and connected to Follow us on twitter @edinitiativenv and like us on facebook: Nevada State Education Association. Together we can ensure that our kids get the education they need and our teachers and support professionals have the tools and support to ensure the success of every child.

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