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The Education Initiative Petition Filed

The Education Initiative Filed June 6
2% Margins Tax to benefit K-12 education


A coalition of concerned Nevadans today filed an initiative with the Nevada Secretary of State that would institute a business margins tax, the proceeds of which would go directly to fund K-12 education.

“We cannot keep cutting funds to education and not expect our kids to suffer as a result,” said Lynn Warne, President of the Nevada State Education Association.  “We need to protect our future and fund education.”

Danny Thompson, Secretary Treasurer of the Nevada State AFL-CIO added, "Without a stable, predictable and consistent funding source politicians will continue to play political games with education funding.  
This intiative will put an end to that nonsense.

The Education Initiative will institute a 2% business margins tax that will be levied on business revenue that is not offset by either cost of goods or payroll costs.

The Coalition will qualify the initiative for consideration by the 2013 Nevada Legislature by collecting 72,352 signatures, with 18,088 collected in each of our four congressional districts. The signatures must be submitted to the Secretary of State no later than November 13, 2012.

“Improving our state’s quality of education is critical to Nevada’s economic recovery and our ability to attract new industries and the jobs of the future,” added Warne.  “Without a quality education to prepare students for the jobs of the 21st century, businesses will go elsewhere to find a qualified workforce.”
Thompson concluded, “This Initiative is the least we can do for our kids. It's time we put their welfare and future first."

To view to the petition click here.

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