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NSEA to Circulate Ballot Initiative to Increase K-12 Education Funding

The Nevada State Education Association announced it will pursue filing an initiative petition to increase funding for K-12 public education. This announcement comes on the heels of an arbitrator’s ruling citing the Clark County School District has the ability to pay the raises sought in negotiations. For months the district has claimed it cannot pay for the raises claiming an imminent need to layoff teachers.

“The Superintendent’s office is being disingenuous when it talks about the need to lay off up to 1,000 teachers to balance its budget,” said Clark County Education Association President Ruben Murillo.  “They are misleading the public!”

This debacle points to a larger problem facing schools all around Nevada and NSEA is committed to rolling up its sleeves to ensure this does not happen again.

“What has happened here with the Clark County School District and CCEA puts an exclamation point on the need for a ballot initiative to be circulated that will fix the state’s tax and revenue structure and NSEA will play a key role in passing such measure,” announced NSEA Executive Director Gary Peck at CCEA’s news conference. “We will play a leadership role in moving that initiative. We’re in the process of putting that together and reaching out to other stakeholders who share our common interests to properly fund K-12 public education in Nevada.”

As more details become available we will keep you informed through this website.

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