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Arbitrator Finds District Has Ability to Pay—Decision Favors Clark County Teachers and Students

The much-anticipated arbitration decision was handed down May 2.  The arbitrator, Philip Tamoush stated he finds the Clark County School District has the ability to pay for the salary increases proposed in negotiations and that the Association’s final offer was rational and achievable.  The decision means that salaries for teachers will be adjusted for their educational experience.

Additionally, the CCSD’s fund balance will have more than $71 million at the end of the year – confirming that there is NO need to lay off a single teacher.

“The Superintendent’s office is being disingenuous when it talks about the need to lay off up to 1,000 teachers to balance its budget,” said Clark County Education Association President Ruben Murillo.  “They are misleading the public!”

To summarize, this means:

1.   Salary movement for both education & experience prevails.
2.   Reduction in Force (RIF) language that incorporates the legislature’s intent, while protecting a teacher’s right to due process, prevails.
3.   CCSD will have to negotiate with CCEA on PERS rate increases.

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