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The Truth About ‘Save Our Secret Ballot’

NSEA is aware that TV ads are running in Clark County pushing “Save Our Secret Ballot” proposals.  We wanted to share information with you provided by the AFL-CIO.  These proposals would affect labor unions who fall under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), not unions who fall under Nevada Revised Statute 288.  Nevertheless, they are a clear attempt to undermine and eliminate labor unions.

These measures:

  • Fix a “problem” that doesn’t exist. We already have secret ballots for political elections. The proposed law seeks to fix a “problem” that does not exist. Our political elections are required to be conducted by secret ballot pursuant to [state law/constitution].
  • Are anti-democratic. The measure would give companies more control over an already company-dominated system in which workers who want to form unions are harassed, intimidated and threatened by corporations that want to deny them their rights.
  • Are anti-worker. The measure is being pushed by big corporations. They want to make it harder for workers to form unions and bargain for better wages, benefits and working conditions.
  • Expose the state to costly lawsuits and waste taxpayer money. If enacted, the state will be dragged through a lengthy court challenge and taxpayers will be forced to foot the bill. With the state’s budget already strained to the breaking point, it’s unconscionable to waste taxpayers’ money to defend a law that certainly will be overturned by the courts. Because part of the measure strips workers of rights that are guaranteed by federal law, the measure will be declared null and void.
  • Does it really do that? The proposal has unintended consequences: It would require that if a company is owned by its employees through a stock ownership plan, the employees must vote on corporate matters by secret ballot, although federal law may not require it. It also means that if employees want to select an attorney to sue their employer for workplace discrimination or failure to pay the correct wages, the employees must vote by secret ballot on whom the attorney will be. It also would require a religious organization, parent-teacher organization or fraternal organization to have secret ballot votes on issues that come before them.


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