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The State Caucus Process

What is a caucus?

The caucus in itself is not a new concept since Nevada voters have been using it since the 1960s to select presidential candidates.

What makes the Nevada State Presidential Caucuses different is that they are being held early, which will have an impact on who each party chooses as its presidential nominee.

Regardless of your political affiliation, get involved in shaping your party's education platform. You are the expert in education. Share your knowledge and move the conversation to the resources you will need to provide your students with a great education. Participate in your caucus and help shape the future-both for education and our families.

The State Caucus Process

The caucus process starts from the ground up-with everyday citizens becoming involved, deciding on a candidate and selecting delegates to represent them in county, district, state, and national caucus conventions.

Here's How it Works

  • As many as 1,000 sites throughout Nevada are being considered for the caucus gatherings.
  • The caucus is an opportunity for registered Nevada voters from nearby precincts to have thought-provoking and exciting discussions surrounding the presidential candidates.
  • Caucus-goers will divide into groups based on who they support and a vote will be taken.
  • Votes can be cast a number of ways, including raising hands, a sign-in sheet or by casting ballots. All votes are public.
  • Any candidate who receives less than 15 percent of the vote will be disqualified. Their supporters then must pick a different candidate or remain uncommitted.
  • Once all participants have committed to candidates receiving 15 percent or more, the results are reported to the state headquarters. The state headquarters will tabulate all the results from across the state and come up with one final vote.
  • From there, each precinct proportionally assigns county delegates for each candidate. The delegates will later attend the county convention and select new delegates to represent them at the state conventions.
  • The delegates from the district and state will eventually represent the state's interest at the National Party Conventions.Their votes for delegates will determine Nevada's preferred candidate for president.


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