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Members Appointed to Teachers and Leaders Council


The Teachers and Leaders Council (TLC), was created during the last legislative session and was tasked with examining and developing an effective evaluation system for educators across the state.  The Governor appointed the 15-member TLC, which is comprised of citizens in our state representing teachers, administrators, school support personnel, school board members, parents and other education leaders.  NSEA congratulates four of its members for being appointed to the Teachers and Leaders Council.

The members representing you on the council are Barbara Surrittee-Barker and Theresa Crowley from Washoe County and Theodore Small and Kathleen Galland-Collins from Clark County.

The council must submit its recommendations to the State Board of Education no later than June 1, 2012, and the state board must adopt regulations based on the recommendations by June 1, 2013.

The Teachers and Leaders Council (TLC) is making progress toward its task of developing an effective evaluation system for educators across the state.  After several meetings during the last few months the group has published a draft document that outlines the process being used in the creation of the proposed evaluation models for both teachers and principals.  The draft System Guidelines White Paper explains the goals and purposes of the professional growth system, the categories of performance that are being considered for inclusion in the evaluation system and the principles of the TLC that will drive the final recommendations to the State Board of Education in June of this year. 

The TLC has advocated for multiple evaluation measures and a phased-in implementation timeline.  This document will be modified as the work of the TLC continues and feedback is provided from all stakeholders.  Input is welcome through participation in public TLC meetings on this and any other related topic. For more information on the Teachers and Leaders Council visit


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