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NEA to Celebrate the 90th American Education Week

November 13-19, 2011


It’s rare that news reports feature good things that educators are doing for the sake of improving public education in Nevada. American Education Week—to be celebrated Nov. 13-19—gives everyone an opportunity to inform the public of the accomplishments as well as the needs of Nevada's public schools.

NSEA is hoping to compile testimonials from members across Nevada to feature the accomplishments of your hard work in our schools.  Please send us your stories at We want to share your stories and focus on all the wonderful things you're doing in our schools in addition to the loving task of educating our kids.

We also invite you to create your own celebration at your school/worksite. The weekly calendar is below and you can also Use the Toolkit to Plan Your AEW Event .

Join in the 90th Anniversary of AEW:
Monday, November 14: Kick Off Day
Tuesday, November 15: Parents Day
Wednesday, November 16: Education Support Professional Day
Thursday, November 17: Educator for a Day
Friday, November 18: Substitute Educators Day

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