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Governor Brian Sandoval Wants to Bring Florida to Nevada Schools

At an Oct. 5 news conference alongside tennis great/philanthropist Andre Agassi, as well as friend and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Governor Brian Sandoval announced he wants to fix Nevada’s schools by copying Florida.

Hiding behind Jeb Bush isn’t going to change anything. It’s time for Governor Sandoval to put the state’s money where his mouth is and properly fund Nevada schools as Florida has.

The reality is that Florida has increased student achievement because they have invested in K-12 public schools. Florida has adopted some great programs to increase student achievement and it’s good to hear that Governor Sandoval is looking to follow in the state’s direction. For one, Florida significantly invests in early childhood education which sets the kids out on the right foot from the beginning.

Florida also invests in programs to help underachieving students to help them move up to the next grade level. Through their weighted enrollment system they are able to identify those who need extra help which helps student achievement.  As he endeavors to “fix” Nevada’s schools, hopefully the governor will see that the key constant to Florida’s success is funding. Enhanced student achievement is possible and obviously Florida knows how—it begins with funding.

All of the rhetoric in his plans isn’t going to change anything until he makes a commitment, with more than words, to education. Talk is cheap!


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