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Relief From Many NCLB Restrictions to be Granted

President Obama has announced a plan to provide relief to states from many of NCLB’s more onerous provisions, such as meeting Adequate Yearly Progress requirements and other deadlines. 

“President Obama has taken a welcome step forward with this plan.  It sets much more realistic goals for schools, while maintaining ESEA’s original commitment to civil rights, high academic standards and success for every student,” said NEA President Dennis Van Roekel. 

“Teachers have been sounding the alarm on NCLB’s test-label-punish approach for more than 10 years.  Now, there is an opportunity to move forward with real reform, especially for the most disadvantaged students,” said Van Roekel. 

As mentioned in the 2011 Back to School issue of Perspectives, Nevada was among the states planning to apply for a waiver.

“Educators want commonsense measures of student progress, freedom to implement local ideas, respect for their judgment and the right to be a part of critical decisions,” said Van Roekel. “This plan delivers.”

Van Roekel notes that the waiver plan provisions get away from labeling schools as failures.  “Instead, the Department of Education has adopted a term NEA also uses for low performing schools:  Priority Schools. The waivers recognize the Title I schools that need the most help—and the students they serve—as a federal priority.” 

NEA will continue to work with Congress and push for comprehensive NCLB reauthorization. We will keep you updated on the progress of that work.


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