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NSEA Advertising Campaign in Full Swing



Stop the Insanity!

As a result of the legislative crisis and the lack of responsibility on the governor's and legislators' parts Nevada's schools face a serious education crisis. If the proposed cuts become a reality, key programs designed to maintain reasonable class sizes, provide young children with the education they need, provide the gifted and talented students with programs commensuate with their needs, and the English language learners with the proper tools to learn at the same pace as their peers will go away. NSEA's Lobby Team has been in Carson City meeting with legislators to ensure our members' due process rights are protected and that all options are considered before approving such devastating cuts.

To support the team's efforts, NSEA is in the midst of an extensive advertising campaign urging the public to contact their legislators and demand they oppose the proposed cuts. Listen to the radio spot airing statewide now...Stop the Insanity!


E-mail your Legislators:

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