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When to Recruit New Employees

New employees come to your district with few, if any, biases. They look forward to a friendly reception, positive relationships, and a good working climate in their new jobs.

You are in an advantageous position to set the tone for that good working climate and should do so as quickly as possible. Some suggestions for doing that are:

  • Get the names and home addresses of new employees as soon as possible after they are employed. Don't wait until September. Your school superintendent, secretary, or payroll office should be the best source of that information.
  • Send the new employee a letter of welcome.
  • Invite them to a social event before the start of the school year. As the right time during the event, have your president speak to the new employees about the association and why their membership is necessary. Then SIGN THEM UP on the spot.
  • If some new employees cannot attend the function, arrange for a time that you can talk to them individually and privately. Then SIGN THEM UP.


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