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NSEA Delegate Assembly

The 50th Annual Delegate Assembly will take place April 27-29, 2018, in Elko, NV at the Elko Convention Center. Members from 30 local affiliates will meet to discuss issues, vote, and make decisions to set the direction for the Nevada State Education Association in the coming year.


Proposals for amendments to The Bylaws of the Nevada State Education Association are due in the NSEA Las Vegas office by February 16, 2018. If you would like to submit an amendment click on the following link to download a bylaw amendment form. Proposed amendments will be up for discussion at the NSEA Delegate Assembly, April 27-29, 2018.  If you have any questions, please call the office at 702-733-7330.

2018 Proposed bylaw amendment submissions and Advocacy Report


All proposed new and/or amendments to the NSEA Resolutions must be submitted to the Resolutions Committee at the NSEA Las Vegas office no later than Friday, April 6, 2018. To download and print a form for a new or amended Resolution click on one of the following links AMENDRESO or NEWRESO.

NSEA Awards

Each year, NSEA recognizes the outstanding efforts and achievements of its members and leaders. Click here for more information on NSEA Awards. 


Any active member of NSEA is eligible to be a candidate for NSEA offices by declaring such candidacy in a certified letter to the Elections and Credentials Committee at the NSEA Las Vegas office. There are no open seats for elective office this year.

For more information regarding NSEA elections click here to download a copy of the NSEA Election Rules. 







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