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NSEA Stands Behind Working Families in Wisconsin

Message from NSEA President Lynn Warne:

The attack on families in Wisconsin and all around this great nation is a blatant attempt by some politicians and their wealthy supporters to eliminate the rights of the working class. The reality is that WE are the hard-working Americans who provide the most essential services to the children, the elderly, and those most in need.

As educators we believe in providing the best education to our children; and to that end, we must ensure our voices are heard through the proper channels and methods in place. The economic crisis in the U.S. has posed severe challenges for us all; but in order to get through it, we must strengthen, not weaken, what we have. Sound budgetary decisions must be made in order for things to turn around... for everyone!

We stand behind you, our brothers and sisters in Wisconsin, in solidarity. On behalf of the 28,000 members and our staff we support you as you fight the fight on behalf of Wisconsin's working families."

Outraged Over Wisconsin? Donate now to the 51 Fund to join the fight!

Union Rallies 2.21.11
Hundreds of union members, students, families, and supporters turned out for rallies in Las Vegas and Carson City on Monday, February 21. Thanks for your participation and for sending a strong message of support and solidarity! Visit us on Facebook to view pictures of the rallies.



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