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Maintain Your Professional Records

Keep These in a Safe Place!

Maintain an easily accessible personal file(s) at home or at school to contain important documents such as:

Licenses and/or certificates
Transcripts of credits and degrees
Record of job-related seminars, workshops and conferences
Letters of appointment or hire
Employee contracts, including any supplemental contracts
Record of hire from the employer's official minutes (Board meeting minutes)
Record of accumulated sick leave and other leave days (personal, vacation)
Copy of assignment schedule
Log of tax-deductible job-related expenses
Copies of insurance policies
Information from the retirement system
Yearly salary notice provided by the employer
Documentation of commendations, awards and honors
Employee salary or wage schedule; pay stubs
All evaluation records
Letters to and from parents and students
Letters to and from administrators/supervisors and department heads
District policies on student discipline, suspension, expulsion, corporal punishment
Record of disciplinary methods used in handling student problems, including date and witnesses involved
Record of assaults, violence, or workplace thefts
Written personal reconstruction of events surrounding student injuries
School calendar
Fringe benefit information; claim records


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