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NSEA Awards Programs

Each year, NSEA recognizes the outstanding efforts and achievements of its members and leaders. NSEA invites anyone to nominate NSEA members and leaders for the following awards:

Against All Odds Award
This award is for those individuals who have taken a stand at personal or professional risk to themselves on behalf of NSEA and the education profession.

Dedicated Educator Award
This award recognizes those individuals who have demonstrated at least twenty (20) years of dedicated service in the field of education over all. Candidates must be NSEA members but do not necessarily have to have demonstrated on-going service only.

Distinguished Service Award
This award is reserved for those members who have served a consecutive period of no less than fifteen (15) years as an elected or appointed leader in NSEA and/or one of its local affiliates.

Friend of Education Award
With this award, NSEA recognizes any individual, organization, or business which has demonstrated a strong commitment to excellence in education in the State of Nevada.

Government Relations Award
The recipient of this award must have an exemplary record of service in the areas of political action and government relations.  Candidates for this award must have a demonstrated record of effective involvement which spans a minimum of three consecutive elections or legislative sessions in one of these roles: (1) TIP Coordinators for NSEA-TIP and/or locally-endorsed candidates; (2) legislative advocates; or (3) a release-time lobbyist, who may be nominated after one session.

Isaac Perez Outstanding Educator Award
This award is given each year to honor current outstanding members who go above and beyond the call of duty in helping the youth of the local community.

Outstanding Achievement Award
This award recognizes Association members who have an outstanding record of achievement promoting the goals of the Nevada State Education Association at either the local, state, or national level.

Retired Achievement Award
This award recognizes an NSEA-Retired member having an outstanding record of achievement in promoting the goals of the NSEA-Retired at the local, state, or national level.                                                                                          

Val Arredondo Member Rights Award
The recipient of this award must have an outstanding record of promoting and protecting member rights.  Nominees must have represented education employees threatened with disciplinary action or dismissal, or have participated in the grievance process.

To nominate someone for one of these awards, you must complete the following:

  • Submit a single, completed official NSEA nomination form (one form per nominee). Attach a narrative statement explaining why the nominee should receive the NSEA Award indicated. Refer to the appropriate award description in preparing your statement – reasons must be consistent with award criteria.
  • Attach three letters of recommendation from any appropriate source (i.e., fellow members, parents, administrators, etc.) 
  • Attach any additional documents which may assist the NSEA Awards Committee in making its selection (newspaper clippings, letters, project summaries, etc.) 
  • Applications and attachments will NOT be returned. 
  • Application packets must be received no later than April 1.
  • Mail applications and attachments to: Mary Stern, NSEA, 1890 Donald Street, Reno, NV  89502, FAX:  (775) 828-6745 
  • For further information, contact Mary Stern at 1-800-232-6732, ext. 3014.

Print a nomination form
Print a list of past award winners

Print a list of NSEA Awards


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